Remember Shizuka from Doraemon?

Her full name is Minamoto Shizuka. Oh wow, I don’t know that.

She is the kind character of Doraemon series, Man, I miss that anime series. Yes it is anime… when I thought it was just another cartoon. I watched it in Malaysian dub.. so…

Haha XD

In summary: She is the normal girl in our current world in term of quite smart and study properly compared to Nobita lazy bum.

She loves taking bath (and various scenes in the series about Nobita peeping on her. lolz)

In a sense… similar to Yunocchi(hidamari sketch) my current favourite character. 🙂 She is what I should say, cute instead of beautiful type. Kind, sweet hardworking girl that go to piano lesson.

She loves eating potatoes(? I dont remember much)

and violin(but she sucks at it lolz)

From time to time invite Nobita and Doraemon to some tea party?

and love dolls(Hey she is a normal girl)

but for some reason the series keep flipping her skirt (Nobita…) resulting in numerous panty shots

and tie her up.

… I just realized now Doraemon series might not as innocent as we think. But hey, they are just kids. I do make fun of other people like that when I was just a young kid. I think. Hmmm…


  • She loves Nobita, and he loves her, too. Well kinda obvious since she marry him in the future and um.. their son or grandson the one send Doraemon back to the past.


She also a little bit close to Daisuke- I mean Dekisugi. Maybe just out of respect. He might be the only normal person in the series.

Love Triangle.

But still that smile… 🙂

Which hide certain hidden side of her.

As example: She always follow them when they are going somewhere if she find out about it. In a sense, despite being a good girl, she still know how to be adventurous. This is pretty important considering she is the only female of Nobita gang.

And from time to time she is… um.. like a different person, like when she steal the lipstick.

Btw… who is her father?

Haha…  Her mather is Ms. Minamoto while her father is Yoshio Minamoto according to the wiki.

She become a magical girl at night!

And a little silly.

Okay, just from time to time. xD

Oh, as I said, she is a kind gentle person.

So kind that she saw Nobita’s kindness, which is part of the reason why she choose him in the end. Despite everything that ungrateful boy did to her. She helped Nobita a few times you know, like sometimes when he messed up.

Oh I really want to re-watch the anime series. maybe I will hunt it down. Bye bye.


I think this is how your reaction are right now.. 😛

Shizuka is sad…



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