K-on!, Scribble

2 songs that have emotional values from K-On!

These are 2 songs that sometimes make me cry just by listening to them. I don’t understand every word, but the events in K-on anime that leads to creation of the songs made me cry.

  1. Tenshi ni Fureta yo
  2. U & I

Tenshi ni Fureta yo! is a song for Azusa from her senpais. She is the only 2nd year among them, so she will be left alone in the club. Watching from both the movie and the episode they performed this song to her, I can’t help but cry from the honest effort from her senpai giving this as sort-of farewell gift. It describe Azusa’s importance to them, their little angle that give them wings to fly higher. There are small details in the song that relate to them, like the key-chain… *sad*



U & I is a tribute song from Hirasawa Yui to her sister Hirasawa Ui. She was trying to convey that we can only appreciate what we have when we have lost it. In this case, she realized how important Ui is to her when Ui get sick. And then she wrote the song down. Imagine how does her lil’ sis Ui felt when she see read the song.


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