still getting zero reaches

It is not zero here, because that’s my own facebook account reach. Facebook always has been fucking up reaches for anime page of facebook, despite some that never posted against the rules. It is either due to links to the sources, or report from anti-weebs keyboard warriors, or just they wanted profit so we have to pay for their fucking boosting service.

I wish they still in the past, where the staffs are amazing programmers, things are free, not forced advertisements because everyone is just businessmen wanting more and more profits.


Ring of Despair

Ring of Despair is a 2D action-platformer game where you play as a little girl named Christy, who lost her parents when she was young due to a demonic attack. Her mother’s head was taken as a part of a certain demon’s “beautiful adult woman head” collection, as well as her own head when she reach 18 years old, in the case that she is not strong enough to kill the demon yet.

Due to a fortunate incident, she found a mystical ring that was apparently, inheritance of a certain angel’s soul. The soul of the ring promises her to help the demon-slaying mission.

2d side platformer, with sword, magic, grenade, movement skills, evasive skills, parkour and even stealth mechanic. angel trigger reminded me of Madoka Magica. yeah really interesting.